Holiday apartments for rental in Aegean Region of south west Turkey

Health & Welfare

Moving to a warmer country with dryer climate and a more relaxed lifestyle will be great for your overall health and well being - no more winter aches and pains and no more stressful winter fuel bills either, and, if you're retiring to Turkey you can still access your pension, it'll go much further here so you can afford to eat healthily with plenty of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, there are lots of ways to keep fit, from swimming in the sea to walking or even water sports!

medical All major cities have a variety of state and private healthcare facilities, most hospitals are of European standards, especially in the tourist areas. In most cases, treatment can be received on a 'same day' basis and most doctors are English speaking. Even though private healthcare in Turkey is so affordable, most of the local people will use state hospitals as these are most efficient. Most private hospitals have contracts with various insurance companies so it is important to make sure you have good health insurance.


Many drugs (including antibiotics) can be obtained directly from pharmacists in Turkey with a prescription. Pharmacies are open from 9.00am to 7.00pm from Monday to Saturday and there is usually an emergency pharmacy in the area.

Dental Care
dental Turkish dental care is well known for being not only of excellent service but are also of extremely low cost. Most dentists in Turkey are of international standards and there are plenty of dentists to see normally on the 'same day' basis.

Healthy Living

With a house in Turkey you could enjoy long, sizzling summers and mild winters that make all-year-round outdoor living a reality. The Aegean coast basks in hot , moderately dry summers and balmy winters. The Mediterranean and Marmara regions also enjoy fine weather all year round, sheltered fro more extreme weather by the Besparmak Mountains, which run along the coastline to the South.

Along the Marmara and Northern Aegean coast the swimming season lasts from June to September and grows longer as you move towards the Mediterranean, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sparkling blue waters from April to October.

The Land
Most of the land in Turkey is classed as green land, most of the coastal resorts are covered with green forests and Olive trees which make the oxygen ratio very high and is recommended by doctors.

Turkey is predominantly a farming country which produces mostly organic foods. water There are local weekly food markets from which most of the local people will buy fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and pulses.

Most of the water in Turkey is from volcanic springs and is full of essential minerals, the water is thoroughly purified and has a very distinctive sweet taste.